09 October 2010

10-slow-as-hell-miles on a Dark and Eerily Quiet Country Road, but What a Rush Given the Recent Cougar Sighting

The old adage that “It's always darkest before the dawn.” was true last night. Took my run this morning just before dawn and could barely see the road. I’m quite good at adapting my eyes to the darkness, so it’s no bull____ that it was dark as hell. I could’ve really used a pair of NVGs and seriously would’ve worn  them! (Yes, I know what it’s like to wear them, I’ve worn them every night for weeks at a time!) ECP-2 006But I don’t have any so NVGs are irrelevant. However, the next time I run in the dead of the night with absolutely no moon light, I’ll be bringing my Surefire, for sure!

In the past I usually only run country roads at night in the winter because it gets dark so early. But in the winter the blanket of white snow makes it easy to see, even with little to no moon light. However, it’s so relaxing that I’m going to make this a habit.

This mornings run was mostly peaceful and at the pace I was chuggin’ along at, I could’ve ran forever! However, at about 4-miles into my ‘peaceful’ run and about 4-miles into the middle of nowhere. I totally spooked some larger animal[s], and it caught me slightly of guard. Nonetheless, my Mark I tactical70_3 knife was in my hand in the blink of an eye, and I held her tight for a minute or two. All I heard was rummaging through the corn and/or trees? What's more, I’m not sure if it was corn or trees because I could hardly see my own feet! It sounded as if it started in corn and ran parallel to me for about 10 meters, at which point I growled loudly and broke contact!

Chris-and-Allison-CougarI still don’t know for sure if I felt like prey or a predator at that point? But either way if it wasn’t deer I wasn’t going down without fighting tooth and nail like a dog. Even though I’m not afraid of mountain lions whatsoever, as this photo clearly shows.

The rest of the run was peaceful and I cannot wait to do it again tonight! And I finally got some new running shoes, Saucony: ProGrid Ride 3. Not sure if I like them better than my ASICS: Gel-Nimbus 12, but they’ll definitely get the job done!

Gotta run,

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 09 Oct 10  
Time: 5:03 AM
Distance: 10.32 miles  
Time: 1:37:07
Speed: 6.4 mph
Pace: 9:25 /mi
Calories: 1,521
Weather: Calm Eerily Dark w/no Moon
  63 °F temp; 67% humidity
  52 °F dew point; winds 7.5 WSW


Elevation (ft) 
09 Oct 10 10-9-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
09 Oct 10 10-9-2010, Pace - Distance
09 Oct 10 10-9-2010, Pace

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