25 September 2010

Either Needin’ Some New Shoes, Or I’ve Just Been a Couch Potato This Past Week?

So anyhow, tonight’s run was surprisingly painful, which doesn’t make any sense since it was short and slow? However, this week hasn’t been much for running in comparison to my 20 mile per week quota. Actually, this week hasn’t been anything for running. Until tonight, all I’ve done since my 19 Sept run w/Frank The Tank, I must add, is run around the online multiplayer maps of Call of Duty. Running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off in an Xbox game hardly constitutes for actually running! Which is probably one of the factors as to why this run hurt so bad. And the other culprit is most likely worn-out shoes. To date, the pair I wore tonight have 296 miles on them. I’d like to think they’d still be good, but I did log at least 100 miles running with my 30lb backpack this summer. And I’m 190lbs without a backpack, so I never expect much more than 300 miles out of my running shoes anyhow!

couch-potato-13Either way worn-out shoes, or just a couch potato out for his first run  in a week? It hurt like hell! My back hurt, my legs hurt and it just all around sucked. Moreover, as soon as I stopped my legs felt like they were cramped up. I never feel like this, even after a hard 10 mile run w/hills. I can almost always stop on a dime after running with no muscle aces whatsoever, just a few min’s of heart rate cool-down. It’s hard  to tell for sure if I need new shoes or not? However, t5-mile_run_bootshe last time I tried to figure this new shoe thing out, I did an experiment by running in boots, which helped me figure things out. However for my next run, I think I’ll just try a different pair of running shoes; perhaps some research by Googling.

Therefore, their will not be an experiment with boots on my next run, because just 5 miles eats the skin right off my heels!

Gotta run,

P.S. Why are you reading this ramble about couch potato’s and worn-out shoes? You must've already read the entire Mitch Rapp series by Vince Fynn.

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 25 Sep 10  
Time: 7:38 PM
Distance: 3.31 miles  
Time: 28:59
Speed: 6.9 mph
Pace: 8:45 /mi
Calories: 488
Weather: Partly Cloudy
  55 °F temp; 64% humidity
  43 °F dew point; winds 8.6mph NNE


Elevation (ft) 
25 Sep 10 9-25-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
25 Sep 10 9-25-2010, Pace - Distance
25 Sep 10 9-25-2010, Pace

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