04 September 2010

This Week’s not Over Yet, One More LSD Run Tomorrow Night

running-dogUntil now I’ve always maintained 20 miles per week, well usually. Whenever I’d hit 20 in a week I’d shut it down and not run again till the following Monday, starting my 20 all over again. But I’ve decided to try steppin’ my game up, so as of now I’m sitting at 30 miles for this week, with a day left! It’s been hot as hell and I've focused on maintaining a mid 8mm or faster and so far so good. Tonight I was showing signs of weakness up some of the bigger hills, but I maintained that mid 8mm, which means the signs weren't that obvious!

imageTomorrow night I’m hoping to get in at least 10 miles to put me over 40 and next week I’d like to crank out 50. However, It’s not that easy when your used to only running 20 miles per week. I’ve always dreamt of running 100 miles in a week and this is a few miles closer to that milestone of mine. 

Gotta run,
Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 04 Sep 10  
Time: 8:33 PM
Distance: 5.63 miles  
Time: 47:20
Speed: 7.1 mph
Pace: 8:25 /mi
Calories: 831
Weather: Awesome
  56 °F temp; 68% humidity
  45 °F dew point; winds 2.1 mph


Elevation (ft) 
04 Sep 10 9-4-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
04 Sep 10 9-4-2010, Pace - Distance
04 Sep 10 9-4-2010, Pace

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