20 August 2010


Today’s run sucked it was hot as hell, so I sweat like a dog and that made it feel way too long! Especially when compared to this run, which is about the same distance from two days ago. The only difference is today’s dew point was almost 70° and Tuesday's run had a dew point of 52° which makes a huge difference! I have three separate running trips from today, but I’m only posting graphs for this one. sweating_dog

The first running trip is the beginning of this one, because as I was running, my BlackBerry crashed. So the run was forced to screeching halt for the first time in months. It must've been stressed, because I was Facebooking, listening to music, running my GPS app, and catching up on the news via UberTwitter all while I was running. So I’m lucky that I didn’t crash! This really sucked though, because I had to wait about 5 min’s for my Bold 9650 to boot-up, so I could start tracking my run again. And that’s where this run starts from. Nothing special just a hot run down a long blacktop highway. (even added a weather graph below) The whole run was just to get a haircut and my barber is in the next town over. So yes, I actually ran to get a haircut today and by the time I got to the barber shop I was soaked. When I walked in I stood and talked for a few minutes and I dripped so much sweat my barber threw me a towel to wipe up the floor. So I guess for what felt like a bad run, was probably one hell of a work out! 

I decided to make a virtual run video of today’s run using the DotRacing plugin for SportTracks. SportTracks is the new running software I’ve been using to manage my GPS .gpx files. So please, go ahead and check out the YouTube video below of my virtual run. I’m sure that If you’re a nerd and like stats, graphs and technology, you’ll appreciate this. And if you’re a runner and want to keep track of and look for ways to improve, you’ll equally appreciate this. Just watch in HD and learn…

Last, but not least, the third running trip was just a quick run around Oregon after my haircut and then I took a helicopter home. What does it matter to you? I made it home, didn’t I!

Gotta run,

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 19 Aug 10  
Time: 1:49 PM
Distance: 7.35 miles  
Time: 1:07:48
Speed: 6.5 mph
Pace: 9:13 /mi
Calories: 1,084
Weather: Hot and sweat won’t evaporate
  84°F temp; 59% humidity
  68°F dew point; winds 4.1 mph from the South


Elevation (ft) 
19 Aug 10 - Trip 2 8-19-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
19 Aug 10 - Trip 2 8-19-2010, Pace - Distance
19 Aug 10 - Trip 2 8-19-2010, Pace
2010 - Adjusted Temperature

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