14 August 2010

What a Great Run this Morning after Standing around all day for the 92nd PGA Championship

chris_tigerAs  depicted in this photo, I was able to see Tiger Woods golf and had an awesome time at Whistling Straits yesterday. We had VIP tickets so we could go to and hang-out in the Champions Club (at $1200 per ticket, but I didn’t spend a dime) whenever we wanted to. Which with the air conditioning cranked, 45 large 50” tv’s (just a quick count by the way) hung everywhere, we didn’t miss much when grabbing food and drinks! However, after spending all day yesterday at the 92nd PGA Championship, it sure felt good to stretch the legs out for a good run!

The run this morning was hot and left us drenched in sweat; nevertheless, it felt great! I ran with a girl that stayed out late and probably drank a little too much, but much to my surprise she held her own. We ran at a comfortable pace, well as comfortable as it gets with the dew point in the 70’s; surely she couldn't have thought it was all that comfy. But she never quit running, maintained a good pace; although I had to run a few wagon wheels to stay together. Oh yeah, I really kicked it down towards the end of the 2nd mile, as you can see in the pace graph bellow. I just wanted a better 3-mile time, but should've thought of that earlier. Now I’m just waiting for a break in temp and a dew point in the 40’s, maybe some consistent 6mm’s? 

Gotta run,

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 14 Aug 10  
Time: 9:24 AM
Distance: 4.18 miles  
Time: 34:55
Speed: 7.2 mph
Pace: 8:21 /mi
Calories: 617
Weather: Overcast
  86 °F temp; 84% humidity
  72 °F dew point; winds 5.7 mph from the West


Elevation (ft) 
14 Aug 10 8-14-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
14 Aug 10 8-14-2010, Pace - Distance
14 Aug 10 8-14-2010, Pace 

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