07 November 2010

My Second Tyranena ‘Beer Run’ This Time With a Hangover

Decided to run the “Half Barrel” (13.10938 miles) again this year. The “Half Barrel” is a half-marathon in brewery terms. And although it’s a “beer run,” I don’t recommend gettingClick here for the legend of Tyranena (pronounced Tie·rah·nee·nah). drunk the night before, but oh well; it was still a fun run! Additionally, when you’re fully hydrated from the night before you can skip all the water stations while running backwards.

This year I ran the race with a friend. It sure was a lot of fun and kept me on my feet for the first half of the race. The first six miles or so was an absolute nightmare! I don’t drink that much because I always like to have my wits, but against my better judgment I thought I’d have a few the night before. I’ve always heard that it’s good to have a few the night before a race; you know, for the carbs (carbohydrates) and such.(?) However, a few turned into well after midnight and drunk! 

The race started out well, or so I thought. Within a few hundred meters I was feeling ill, to put it lightly. Little Missy, my running partner kept me moving at whatever pace she was running because, well, she just did! Until just before mile six when I almost lost the beer, coffee, oatmeal, the orange, GU Energy Gel, multiple flavors of Gatorades, and bananas from earlier! After that little hiccup and a farmer blow later, I got my mojo back! From then on I was happy go lucky, and actually felt like a rabbit or better yet a killer mountain lion. Nevertheless, I was mirthfully content with running a pace just a bit fast than Missy’s to keep Missy motivated. Besides, I wasn’t going to leave her after she backpacked me through the first half. However, by about the twelve mile I beelined it and passed a bunch of folks on the way to the finish line. Killers after the race!What's more, it must've enticed Missy to pick it up because she finished like a minute after me. In fact, as soon as I crossed the finish line I doubled back to lend some moral support (if she needed it), but much to my surprise she was damn near on my heels!

All in all, at the end Missy said I was almost discouraging with my running backwards in front of her while taking pictures,

Photo taken, tagged and uploaded in real time while we were running! talking on the phone, updating Facebook, etc.. Well, I hope that I was more of an encouragement than a discouragement because she did run a PB (personal best) for the half-marathon. Hell of a good run Missy; Congrats on your awesome run time!

My overall place: 287 out of 859
Missy’s overall place: 321 out of 859
My official time: 1:53:11 
Missy’s official time: 1:54:27

Tyranena Beer Run 2010 Results
My ‘Beer Run’ Blog Post From Last Year

Gotta run,

P.S. Chillaxin with some Honey Blondes tonight!

P.P.S. Throughout the run bystanders rattled cowbells, and no matter how many times I proclaimed: “I don’t have any change!” They just wouldn’t stop; besides, how many runners even have pockets? Seriously, what the … More Cowbell

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 06 Nov 10  
Time: 11:31 AM
Distance: 13.36 miles  
Time: 1:53:13
Speed: 7.1 mph
Pace: 8:28 /mi
Calories: 1,974
Weather: Clear
  43 °F temp; 35% humidity
  17 °F dew point; winds 1.8 West


Elevation (ft) 
06 Nov 10 11-6-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
06 Nov 10 11-6-2010, Pace - Distance
06 Nov 10 11-6-2010, Pace
2010 - Adjusted Temperature


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