02 November 2010

Permit to Pickup Roadside Trash $75 Running Permit Priceless

GET THE PERMIT FOR ONLY $75 TO PICKUP ROADSIDE TRASH AND FIGHT THE LITTERBUGNo good deed goes unpunished. Nevertheless, I ran into an older gentleman on a bicycle picking up trash as he rode down a long country road. I pulled my left headphone out as I approached him and slowed to a jog. I then said: "Picking up trash?" He replied with sort of a mumble, and an empty pack of Marlboros at the end of his trash grabber: "Yeah, mostly empty cigarette packs and beer cans. Someone’s gotta pick ‘em all up." I was running backwards at that point and said: "Thank you, Sir, and keep it up; I appreciate it!"

Well, I sure hope he doesn't get in trouble with the local constable for picking up trash without the proper permit! And these days you just never know what frivolous ordinances that you could be breaking!

Gotta run,

Category: Running  
Location: Stoughton, WI  
Date: 02 Nov 10  
Time: 3:30 PM
Distance: 5.51 miles  
Time: 47:48
Speed: 6.9 mph
Pace: 8:41 /mi
Calories: 813
Weather: Clear
  52 °F temp; 41% humidity
  29 °F dew point; winds 2mph South


Elevation (ft) 
02 Nov 10 11-2-2010, Elevation - Distance
Pace (min/mile)
02 Nov 10 11-2-2010, Pace - Distance
02 Nov 10 11-2-2010, Pace

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